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Twinkle Lighting Company would like to introduce you to an exciting, innovative world of outdoor lighting. The advancement of LED-lighting technology has changed the way we enjoy our homes.


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Twinkle has the eye. We custom design individual plans based on your specific needs as every space has it's own personality – we don’t believe in ‘one size fits all.’

Below are some of the many services we provide; call us today to schedule your lighting needs for tomorrow!

Path Lights: Safety and Security are top priorities for most homeowners, but we don't do flood lights. Creating the perfect blend of taste, style and ambiance can be attained while putting safety first.

Tree Wrapping & Uplights with RGB smart tech colored lighting: when was the last time you saw a purple redwood tree or a SF Giants colored swimming pool? We can be as creative as you like.

Custom controlled lighting with the swipe of your finger via your smartphone
LED-Conversion: Who can deny the sense & sensibility of a 40,000 hour, 17-year life of a light bulb? We sure can’t. Using one-tenth the energy of a halogen bulb and maintaining a cool-to-the-touch surface while warming any space makes a lot of sense.

Bistro Lights: Sometimes referred to Café or String Lighting, this charming look can set the mood for your next alfresco dinner party or event.


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