About Twinkle Lighting

Michael Twing is a residential general contractor with over twenty-five years of experience.  He is licensed, bonded and insured.

Creating Twinkle was a culmination of decades long interest in lighting design, both residential,
commercial and theatrical. Over the years, he found himself climbing a lot of ladders for his clients; Twinkle seemed like the next logical step. During the holidays, Twinkle Holiday Lighting comes alive

He apprenticed under one of the finest restoration and preservation contractors in SF, working on several period homes and structures.

After completing his apprenticeship, he was awarded his contractors license in 1992. His first business focused on kitchen and bath design and build (Twing Design & Installation).  From there, Michael founded Urban Vision with a focus on loft conversions.

Since moving from SF and setting up shop in Marin, Michael has been involved in building custom homes while honing his skills at exterior hardscape/lighting and tile and stone work.

Twing, Inc. offers full design and construction services. From creative initial concept, helpful budget planning, in-house CAD design, and a seamless permit process, for custom homes, additions and renovations.

Michael has a history of being around airports. He soloed in 1987 and has continued the passion that brought him to the Burning Man. He was one of the few who established the Black Rock City Municipal Airport 1999. He has been instrumental primarily in the build and maintenance of the airport.

When not building temporary airports in the middle of nowhere or permanent homes in the big City, he can be found in Mill Valley, CA with Suzanne and their three kids. Michael’s adventurous life and passions include winter sports, motor sports, cooking and travel.

Twinkle is committed to the dark sky movement

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